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CARD (computer assisted research and development)

With the highly accurate evaluation of radiology data and the application of complex mathematic algorithms it is possible to repair even the most complex fractures. The 3-D-Visualization of the fracture situation enables us to simulate the fusion of fragments before operating. 3-D-Printing technology gives us the chance to prepare the operation throughly and rehearse each movement separately as if we were in the operating theatre. As each movement has been rehearsed and surgeons know exactly what to do once the patient is lying open on the table, incision line can be minimized, the duration of the operation reduced and which in turn reduces the length of the healing process and the overall costs of rehabilitation.

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Prof. Dr. Fürnstahl and his team have developed and perfected a series of procedures to guarantee each patient the best possible treatment. This project is interdisciplinary. It unites radiologists, surgeons, technicians and mathematicians. The Balgrist Foundation is currently supporting an ETH dissertation that aims at optimizing the process of uniting bone fragments in a 3-D-Simulation with the help of algorithms. For more information please go to project CARD.

You can support the CARD project with a donation to the Balgrist Foundation, using the Keyword "CARD". Thank you.

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