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We want to know more every day.
Support us and thus orthopedic research!
Each Franc put in to research helps to improve medical care for orthopedic patients.

Support research on the human locomotor system

You can support the Balgrist Foundation in general or in specific areas of research.

With its Research Fund and Science Fund, the Balgrist Foundation supports research activities and the expansion of research facilities in the entire spectrum of orthopedic medicine at the Balgrist University Hospital. You augment this fund by transferring your donation to us without an additional purpose specification.

In the past, donors have directed their financial contributions towards specific purposes, thus leading to the creation of various special funds. If you make a donation to one of the funds below, please specify this on the payment slip.

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General donation
Special fund – Operating Room X – OR-X Fund
Special fund – Balgrist Center for Paraplegia Research Fund
Special fund – Teaching Chiropractic Fonds
Special funds – Technology Project Fonds
Would you like to be part of this exciting new approach?

If you are interested in a project, the foundation or if you would like to help us fund one of our research projects please do not hesitate to contact us.