Spinal Cord Injury

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The Spinal Cord Injury Centre at Balgrist University Hospital offers comprehensive diagnostics and professional treatment in a friendly environment. Treatment is delivered by an interdisciplinary team, and specialists from Zurich University Hospital and other Zurich hospitals and clinics can be called in for special medical problems.

We specialise in:

  • diagnosing spinal problems
  • initial rehabilitation following a spinal cord injury (acute spinal paralysis), whether the injury was caused by an accident or an illness
  • re-rehabilitation with a view to brushing up and maintaining the state of rehabilitation
  • pain therapy, particularly pain caused by spinal cord injuries
  • therapy for spasticity
  • treatment of pressure ulcers
  • rehabilitation for neurogenic bladder dysfunction, especially therapy with Botox ® injections
  • rehabilitation for neurogenic bowel dysfunction
  • extended weaning and long-term respirator use
  • therapy for swallowing problems
  • locomotion therapy
  • treatment of signs of erosion in the musculoskeletal system of patients with spinal paralysis, in cooperation with the orthopaedics clinic