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The Radiology Department at the Balgrist University Hospital uses imaging to diagnose conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. Our activities cover the entire spectrum of imaging techniques and we are equipped with modern MRI scanners, CT scanners, ultrasound scanners, fluoroscopes and X-ray machines. The whole radiology team is fully specialised in the musculoskeletal system, making it the only team of its kind in Switzerland. All of our services are directly available to all patients and external referring doctors and hospitals.


We use state-of-the-art equipment and are constantly adapting it to meet the needs of our patients. For instance, we have high-field MRI scanners with the widest bores on the market. At present we have the following equipment (see also: tour):

  • 3 MRI scanners, of which one is a 3 tesla scanner and two are 1.5 tesla scanners. Two of our MRI scanners have patient-friendly, 70 cm-wide bores.
  • 1 extremity 1.5 tesla MRI scanner, which is a good option for patients with claustrophobia
  • 2 fluoroscopy units
  • 1 ultrasound scanner
  • 2 CT scanners (one 64-slice computer tomography and one dual-energy 64-slice computed tomography) and a standing-position CT (flat panel detectors)
  • 1 whole body EOS scanner for whole spine or whole leg examinations, with the option of calculating 3D-images
  • DEXA (bone density measurement; Dual-X-Ray-Absorptiometry) with the possibility for risk assessment regarding vertebral fractures and whole-body fat measurements.

Our system for the digital saving and distribution of data from patient examinations (PACS) allows the transfer of examinations via a secure internet connection directly to our referring doctors.

We believe that clinically-oriented research is an integral part of what we do. Research leads to more accurate diagnoses and more targeted use of imaging. It is also an important quality assurance measure.

You can find more information on areas within the Radiology Department by clicking here.