The Balgrist Association was founded in 1909 and runs the University Clinic Balgrist. The association aims to improve the health of people that suffer from illnesses due to their musculoskeletal system. In cooperation with the University of Zurich and other scientific institutions, the association promotes teaching and research in the field of orthopedics.

To ensure that funds are used efficiently the association founded the Balgrist Foundation in 2008 to act as a clearly defined independent research funding organization. Up until 2016 the Foundation has successfully funded 41 research projects and helped finance the construction of the Balgrist Campus, a nationally significant research infrastructure location.

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100 years and 2 worlds

The Orthopedic Clinic Balgrist in 1916
The University Clinic Balgrist mirrored in the facade of the new Balgrist Campus in 2016